Cool is a fun 3D Slither style io game. The new challenge will be dropped into the center of a map filled with snow. Take control of a little snake and you should become a legendary creature as soon as possible. You are going to compete with a lot of opponents from around the world and you need to outsmart all of them. By eating food and other players’ remains, you will be able to grow longer and defeat every competitor. Play Cool unblocked you can collect plenty of power-ups. They will bring back various special effects for free. Specifically, they are helpful for you to enlarger faster. Similar to, please avoid everybody while finding resources or you will explode into pieces when you crash! Staying alive is one of the most crucial keys to win. Are you ready to enter the battlefield and unlock upgrades? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to control the snake

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Little Big Snake: The King hears
Little Big Snake: The King hears!
14 March, 2018

31.01.2018 The King hears! It is the new update for the cool game. In the patch, there is some exciting information. Good friends are recommended to stay away from a crowd. They should do that from now on. After the Snake King's edict, there are around 200 Princes in Little Big Snake....