Bullet Town

Have fun playing a nice shooter io game called Bullet Town! You can join it for free in your browser to present your shooting abilities. You will compete against lots of enemies from around the world to see who will become the Mayor of the town. To that end, you must make your way through the town shooting as many rivals as possible and collect a huge amount of cash. You can freely deal damage to everything in sight while making sure that you will protect yourself from the enemy shots. You can capture-the-flag mode with lots of areas to explore. Try your best to bring a money bag back to your vault as you attempt to dodge the onslaught of bullets from other players. The one with the most kills collected as well as earn $3000 first will become the Mayor of the town and the winner of the game. Jump into Bullet Town unblocked to show your skills!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, left click to fire, and right click to pick up or put down items.

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