is one of the top survival iO games unblocked based on the classic title Bomberman. It is about an intense match. In which, you have to defend yourself against all of the enemies online. The main aim that you need to implement in is to become the last standing man. Bombs you receive at the start of each round will be the primary weapon that you will deploy during the gameplay.

It’s very necessary for you to master how to use those items. Planting explosives in free properly will increase your winning chance a lot. In every case, you must explosions including what you generate. Otherwise, you will be killed. Aside from TNT, you can destroy obstacles to collect power-ups. Remember to loot them before other people! They will bring back various advantages, for example, improve your speed, make you grow stronger, etc. Are you willing to enter the maze and gain the best scores? Good luck!

How to play

Move around by using WASD or Arrow keys, place bombs with Space bar or the mouse button

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