How fast can you swing your blade to kill all enemies in game? You can play this free io game in your browser to present your skills and let all other players how good you are. Swinging a blade in your hand to attack other players must be a unique experience to you, which is far different from other traditional io games. So come try unblocked right now to experience it all!

You have to prove your speed and power in free online! Whenever you spawn in the arena, you are armed with a small sword which is your main weapon for the whole game. The only way to eliminate all enemies from the arena is to swing and attack them using that blade. However, you may want to get it longer and stronger before dealing damage to other players. To power up your weapon, you have to move around the map collecting many colored grains. The more grains you pick up, the longer your blade will become, allowing you to kill enemies more easily. When you encounter tough enemies, you’d better run away from them. But, make sure you watch out for the bonus scale because running makes your sword shorter, which requires you to collect the grains more. You’d better survive as long as possible, slay all enemies, and become the top-ranked swordsman in! Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse for the movement and the left mouse button for speeding up.

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