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Set in the magical forest of Yumendaza, Bigfoxwarz.io unblocked makes you a hostile fox that has to survive and beat all enemies. There is only one best fox ruling the whole forest, making the battle between the foxes more challenging. You are thrown in this forest, so you must try your best to survive. Make your way through the arena eating some cherries to increase your size. Ruthlessly eat any foxes that are smaller than you while carefully avoiding the ones that are bigger than you. As you eat them, your size and mass will grow bigger. When you want to make an escape from the big players, you can use the holes that take you to another area on the map immediately. Try to defend yourself against all enemies around you as well as use your smart strategies to outplay them. Your aim in Bigfoxwarz.io free is to rule the leaderboard with the top rank. Much fun!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your fox around the forest.

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