Make use of your skills, strategies, and tactics to conquer online! This is a free io game in which you have to defeat all opponents from around the world by capturing their towers. The game features the tower defense element too. This means you have to try to capture other towers while protecting yours. Since you are armed with a certain number of units, you must deploy them smartly to take the neutral towers. From here, you can start attacks and capture the towers of other players. You have to make sure that you leave some units left in the main towers and their job is to defend your towers, otherwise, others will attack the towers, causing the game to be over. Keep attacking the rivals’ towers as well as defending your own ones throughout the battle. You try to outplay them all to become the victor of the match. Feel free to play to present your skills now! Have fun!

How to play

Pick towers to attack and send units to those towers using the left mouse button. Use the mouse to navigate the menu.

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