Basketball Game (

Sometimes playing Basketball sports games online is also very fun! Let’s play Basketball Game ( right now to present and practice your skills. This is going to be one of the best Sports games you have ever played. You can pick your favorite game mode to master before jumping into the action, such as 1-player match, 2-player match or a quick match. Whatever you choose, you will earn a huge amount of fun as well as great experiences. Once a match is kicked off, your mission is to snatch the ball as fast as possible, aim for the shot, adjust the angle then throw the ball into the basket of your opponent to gain points. This sounds simple but hard to do because the opponent will do anything he can just to hinder you. Therefore, you’d better use your defenses and great strategies to stop him from obstructing you. The one who has the best score at the end of the match will become the winner. Good luck to you!

How to play

Player 1: Move with arrow keys, perform the supershot using key Z, and perform actions using key X.
Player 2: Move with WASD. Use key K to perform the supershot, and key L to perform actions.
Key X is used for the shot or stealing, pump or block with down arrow key, and use left/right arrow keys for dashing.

Basketball Game (
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