(Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale) is a good free Battle Royale game with a few significant changes. It is about a cool 2D top-down match. Connect with the arena and fight against multiple enemies online at once. Remember to pick out the character fitting your playing style first! Launch combat and you should cast all of the active abilities that you have carefully! Along with spells and various powerful weapons, they will help you score and rank up. Play unblocked and you will join a fierce challenge by yourself. Therefore, you need to deal with and solve every danger promptly or they will be able to cause damage or even eliminate you in a wink. In addition to leveling up to unlock possibilities, you can loot some in crates. It is about an interesting journey that is also available on mobile devices. Master controls and prove that you are the strongest character now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to roam, LMB to fire, Shift to run, 1-3 to pick abilities, RMB to release them

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