Angry Snakes

Angry Snakes is another exciting Slither Style game that shouldn’t be skipped! If you are looking for a new Snake game to master, then Angry Snakes will be a good choice for you. The game bears the similar gameplay to other previous snake games, but you will have a fresh gaming experience. You direct a snake with an angry face around the map to eat multiple glowing dots that are dispersed on the floor. The more dots you absorb, the larger you are, giving you more power to defeat other enemy snakes. You can utilize your long body to surround them and force them to crash into you. Or, another way is that you can speed up to bypass them, making them run into you easily. However, using the speed boost will decrease your mass over time, therefore, you must use it wisely. The goal here is to become the angriest snake ruling the whole playing area! Good luck!

How to play

Move the snake using your mouse, click the left mouse to speed up.

Angry Snakes
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