Angry Chickens

As always, playing the snake-themed multiplayer IO games will surely keep you entertained for hours, and with Angry Chickens, you will feel the same! The game follows the familiar gameplay like other previous Slither-Styled games and it’s regarded as a premise to Angry Snakes IO game. You direct a series of cute chickens around the map to pick up as many fried eggs as possible to increase your size. You should focus on collecting the eggs to become much longer than ever and then you can go beat other players easily. Try to force them to run into your own chicken, eliminate them instantly, and don’t forget to speed up to evade their attacks while you attempt to set some deadly traps for them. If you play the game with good tactics, you will be able to outplay all opponents, and that means you can dominate the arena. Jump into the action now! Have fun!

How to play

Direct your chicken around the map using the mouse.

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