Sometimes, being a dangerous mafia is so fun! Now grab a chance to become one in VOOS.IO – an epic 2D Shooter free-for-all IO game to show off your abilities. The game is all about killing other players, so you must prepare yourself to become a cruel killer! When the game is kicked off, you have to go hunt down the targets and quickly finish them off using your gun. At the same time, you must defend yourself from the enemy shots as they can wipe you out in the same way. Don’t forget to deal damage to various buildings in the arena because the more buildings you destroy, the more money you will earn. Once having some money, you can use it to purchase even more mafia or even more weapons. The game goal here is to become the most dangerous mafia in the whole city. You can play alone or play with your friends or even join three PvP mode. Are you ready for it? Play then conquer it now!

How to play

Shoot enemies using the mouse, move around the city using WASD. Press keys 1-9 to purchase mafia.

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