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Trafficup.io is an addictive racing game which is free for all ages to enjoy. In the next competition, you should control your means of transport carefully. You’d better avoid every accident if you want to become the best player on the server.

Aside from being gettable on PC, you can play Trafficup.io, one of the new iO games, on mobile devices without paying a penny. The challenge that you will engage in is placed at intersections of a crowded metropolis. It is full of people and vehicles. Your role in Trafficup.io online is to manage your cars and survive as long as possible. While the traffic lights can work automatically, you must make your items go or stop properly. Otherwise, they will crash into another and you lose immediately. After each level you finish, you will gain more points and rank up faster. Are you ready to experience the match unblocked and conquer the top spot? Have fun!


How to play

Use Left Mouse to make cars stop or go, Esc to pause

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