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SnakeBlock.io is a Splix Style game opening a huge world for snakes. Your mission in this Io game is to grow bigger by eating numerous units of energy randomly spawning through the grid. They can help build your size and power up yourself gradually. It’s unavoidable to confront enemies from across the world. They also spawn as snakes in the grid and will not be hesitant to attack you. They are not your friends, just enemies that need to be destroyed. You must use your long body to encircle them, have them run into you and wipe them out before they kill you. This is the only way you must follow if you want to rack up kills. And remember, in case you hit a certain enemy’s body, it will be a game over for you instantly. In this world of SnakeBlock.io, you’d better keep your snake alive for as long as possible so you can reach the top rank on the leaderboard.

How to play

Use the mouse to control the direction of your snake, and click the left mouse to speed up.

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