is a free multiplayer Battle Royale-style shooter game. Connect to a fierce online match with a lot of enemies one the same arena at once. In which, you are forced to fight until you are the sole survivor. Aside from evading or hiding, you cannot avoid keeping shooting away while you are trying to achieve the goal. Play unblocked like a lone soldier. You will be required to survive as long as possible if you want to win the top spot. After you join the playfield, you should collect weapons, ammunition, and food. Remember to restore your health and gear up yourself with the best items! Besides, the armor is also useful to prevent incoming bullets from killing you. Since the moment you launch combat, always watch your ammo and HP! Recharge them promptly or you can get troubles with somebody nearby! It’s time to embark on your mission! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to go, F to pick up, Left Mouse to fire

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