is a web-browser simulation game providing you with many challenges to vanquish. You take on the role of a queen honey bee in this IO game, and as a queen honey bee, your mission is to generate a super powerful army by commanding your excellent workers. You must order them what to do, give them missions and force them to complete them. There are also other aspects that must be managed in a careful way, such as collecting nectar to enlarging the territory, forming more armies, building more stuff as well as joining the brutal fights against other enemy bees. You should be careful with your opponents, try not to underestimate them as they can attack your army anytime. You are advised to have your strategies ready all the time, send your army out into the fight, command them skillfully and let them wipe out all opponents before it’s too late. Good luck to you!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD or the left mouse for the movement and interacting with the objects. Use the number keys for doing actions.

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