LumberJack Simulator

As a woodcutter in LumberJack Simulator game, you must present your tree-chopping skill and try to perform it as fast as possible for collecting a huge amount of wood with awesome many special materials. In this Upgrades multiplayer game, you will be pitted against so many rivals worldwide. They are also trying to collect wood just like you. You should put your effort into earning wood then sell it for more money. With the earned money, use it to purchase brand new axes for better performances. In case the opponents are attempting to kill you, jump into combat to eliminate them first using the axe you have. But make sure you gather some food first before killing them, so you can heal your lost HP easily. Always watch out for your surroundings and cope with all the dangers around you. Can you survive longer as well as come out as the best woodcutter? Start the game now!

How to play

Move with WASD. Use the axe to hit trees by clicking the left mouse.

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