Throw yourself in a chaotic world full of snakes in free. You may have learned that there are many snake games online that are out in browsers, and now, you will experience a new one – unblocked. In the game, everyone starts as a cunning snake with laser and moves around the map seeking their prey to kill. One player will die immediately if they collide with themselves, the map border or even your body. Therefore, you should use your strategies to trap and have them run into you. For all the downed players, they will release all of their food for you to gather. You can eat them all to grow your size bigger or even to use your speed boost to bypass all other players. Just don’t speed up too much, or your size will be decreased. LazerSnake is an upgraded edition of Snake game, and it guarantees a lot of fun. Play it now!

How to play

Turn and steer your snake using arrow keys or WASD, press the spacebar to speed up.

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