is a third-person Upgrades Shooter game containing classic graphics, nice gameplay and a chain of weapons to pick from. You should prepare yourself for this awesome yet challenging battle where you will compete against a lot of enemies worldwide. Before jumping into action, make sure you pick your favorite weapon then use it to shoot down as many foes as possible. Make your way through the map, collect a lot of kills to boost your score, also, make sure you watch out for your ammo count at the same time as you can use up all bullets very fast. Don’t forget to defend yourself from the enemy attacks either! If you have no plans to go against them, you may end up getting eliminated for sure. Like other Shooting IO games, in, you also aim to become the best shooter with the best killstreak to rule the entire arena. Are you ready for it? Let’s check it out now!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, click the left mouse button to fire, use the right mouse or spacebar to zoom.

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