In Mexico Royale

In Mexico Royale is a great free-for-all MMO racing iO game. It is about a crazy Battle Royale style multiplayer match set in a location between Mexico and the United States. It will quickly turn into a dangerous playfield when you are forced to balance your life while fighting against multiple rivals. In which, you should manage the food and the money smartly. Don’t let your character starve while you are playing In Mexico Royale unblocked or you will lose immediately! Jumping will be the most important skill that you will utilize to defeat the opponent. Aside from that, it is also easy to sprint and change countries. However, you need to save your energy and speed up promptly! Just deploy it for competitive guys that own a higher level! With your progress, you will obtain various upgrades as in Try to get stronger and unlock every model in the shortest time! Have fun!

How to play

Click on buttons on the screen or use Left Mouse with Spacebar to control your character

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