Hole.io game turns you into a small black hole that likes to absorb everything in the city. Give this free-for-all game a try right now to present your best skill. The game is truly identical to Crowd City in terms of gameplay. In Hole.io, you will make your way through the big city eating almost everything on your paths, such as post boxes, street lights, fences, and even humans. These edible things will help build your size a lot, therefore, you must never stop eating them. Your opponents are doing the same mission. You should be careful with the ones that are way bigger than you while trying to go hunt down the smaller ones. Make sure you consume them as fast as possible to increase your size even larger, also, this will bring more points to you. Just watch out for the dangers around you, keep your hole alive for as long as possible then climb your way to the top spot on the leaderboard.

How to play

Control the black hole around the city using the mouse.

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