dinoman.io is a cool fast-paced Free For All game. In which, you should unlock stages as soon as possible to own the best upgrades. They will allow you to conquer the top spot for a long time. But, you need to start your adventure by collecting eggs which are scattered across the playfield densely. When you level up a couple of times and save enough coins, you can select a better item and buy it.

If you’d like to increase your productivity in dinoman.io, the spin rate one will help you a lot because it will boost your turns without difficulty. In case you expect to get a more interesting match where you can eliminate your rivals or transforms into a fake tree, you are recommended to enhance your size. In any situation set in dinoman.io, you do not forget to look for a good hiding spot to escape stronger characters or to jump out when your target has arrived. In other words, you will have to sprint and attack to survive and earn a higher rank.

How to play

Use Left mouse to move, Right mouse to run, Space to turn into a fake tree.

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