Here’s another Battle Royale Style Web-Browser game called and it’s totally free to access. Have your skills ready for an intense battle in this IO game then see if you can stay alive until the end. You will compete against other players in a big lobby, and none of you is armed with weapons. Therefore, when the battle is kicked off, you must go around the map to find a lot of weapons, pick them up and utilize them to beat your rivals. You have to earn as many kills as possible without getting yourself died for a chance of winning, which is very the same as the objective in other previous Battle Royale games when there is only one last man standing. Another interesting about the game is that you can even craft awesome cool stuff from the items you have found on the ground. Feel free to create your favorite items and use them to outsmart the rivals. Are you up for this battle? Play and beat it now!

How to play

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse to fire, use key F to interact, keys 1-5 to change the items, and key E for the crafting menu.

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