If you want to master a new shooting io game, why don’t you give unblocked a try? The game should be a must-play io game when it features cool gameplay, nice graphics, and great matches to master. Your shooting skills will be taken to the next level once playing this title. You can make a room to join or select a map with round duration then step into the arena. Make your way through locations in the arena hunting for enemies. You’d better quickly kill them all using your weapons while avoiding their shots. Cover yourself using trees, stones, and architecture. It’s better to protect yourself from the shots of enemies. If you take damage, the game will be over. Try to find the most advantageous shooting position to shoot enemies easily and outplay them for a chance of winning. The higher the scores you get, the higher the chance for you to win. Come play for free! Have a blast!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, jump with the spacebar, aim and shoot enemies with the mouse, and select a weapon using Q.

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