is one of the best ocean io games, containing a lot of power-ups and countless enemies. Start off with a little shark and you need to defeat all of the opponents to conquer the top spot! After you embark on the adventure, you should eat as many gems as possible to grow bigger. Besides, you will have more chances to use boosting the ability to escape or chase something before attacking. Play free online you can hunt fishes that are smaller than you. While you are hunting them, you must flee from bigger ones. Attempt to survive until you dominate the leaderboard! So, unblocked will not be a normal journey. It is a battle set in a large arena full of water. Please stay away from the edge of the battlefield or you will explode! Just utilize it to your advantage if you can handle the situation to knock someone into those areas! Let’s start to swim now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to move, LMB or Spacebar to boost your movement speed

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