Astro Race

Astro Race unblocked is a space racing io game where players have to control their spaceships to fight one another in space. You will have a chance to drive a supersonic spaceship in Astro Race free and feel free to show off your skills to defeat all enemies to become the winner. There are probably lots of cool MMO racing io games, but this title will be a good one that keeps you entertained for hours. The mission for you is to drift along the track borders to knock into other players and push them off of the arena. Giving your spaceship a speed boost is great, but you should recharge your boost fast enough so you can outplay other players. As you defeat enemies, your score will be increased. Having a high score will help you win. You aim to get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the champion and the best racer in Astro Race io game. The game is free to play on PC or mobile. Choose your favorite platform then play it now!

How to play

For Desktop, use left/right arrow keys to turn your spaceship, use up arrow key to speed up. For Mobile, tap left to turn left, tap right to turn right, and tap on the left and on the right to speed up.

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