is a top-down action-packed 2D Shooter game opening another brutal Battle Royale performance for all players to master. All of you have to destroy each other and vie for the ultimate survival. You will be dropped in deep outer space featuring multiple mysterious places that you can use to get an upper hand on your rivals. You are armed with just a simple pistol at the beginning of the game, and through over time, you can find better weapons that can help you deal stronger damage to the rivals. You should make the most out of the collected weapons to defeat everything in sight. As you try to kill others, make sure you defend yourself at the same time. You can get caught off guard by someone else easily, and they will take this chance to ambush then eliminate you. In, you have to keep yourself alive until you establish your arena domination.

How to play

Perform the movement using WASD. Shoot at enemies using the mouse, change the weapons using the number keys.

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