Here comes another Christmas-themed IO game to master, and it’s called! This Agario Style Multiplayer game opens up a brutal snowball fight. Players have to kill each other using the snowballs they have made. You will start moving around the map gathering a lot of snowballs, then quickly throw them at the opponents as you try to protect yourself from their incoming shots. In case you get damaged, you will face your doom for sure, causing the game to be over. Don’t forget to gather the snowflakes on the ground to grow the size of your character and these snowflakes also make your snowballs stronger. You must keep yourself alive for as long as possible until you become a snow fight legend vanquishing the entire arena, which is the main goal in! Let’s come to play it now to master your abilities! Good luck to you! Have a blast with it!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to aim and throw the snowballs at enemies.
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