is a great Agario style classic game. It is possible for everybody around the world to join Free For All mode without difficulty! Like the original, the main aim is to become the biggest player ever. After choosing the skin that you want, you can start the new match with multiple hostile monsters. Try to move your character skillfully to evade dangerous hits from rivals nearby! You need to survive during the period of time that happens before you achieve the goal. Aside from that, you do not ignore food. That resource can be found wherever on the map. Just eat delicious treats and smaller competitors so that you will grow in size quickly. Besides, you are allowed to speed up in case you wish to chase the foes and hit to kill them. Remember to defend yourself always from attacks and bigger guys or you will die immediately once you are crashed into and eaten! Are you ready to hop into the arena and conquer the leaderboard? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, gather food, and hit

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