Inspired by the famous game, free unblocked also keeps you entertained for its wonderful gameplay and amazing features. If you are a big fan of multiplayer io games online, be sure to try this one now! The game drops you in a huge map and you must control a little cell around the game area in order to gather as many masses dispersed on the ground as possible to grow in size. Like game, growing your mass is a very important thing. So, you must always devour cells that are around you to get larger than ever. After that, you can attack other enemy cells or even absorb them if they are smaller than you. Eating enemy cells will get you much bigger so don’t give up any chances on eating them. You aim to become the most feared cell on the leaderboard in game. Give it a shot now to experience all!

How to play

Control your cell around the map using the mouse. Press key W to fire masses, and use spacebar to split.

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