Popsplit.us unblocked is an extra version of Agar.io containing multiple game modes, wonderful background music and much more wonderful features that are waiting for you to experience. You should give Popsplit.us a shot to present your skills one more time. The rules of Popsplit io game are the same as Agar.io. You spawn in the map in the form of a cell and you must wander around the arena to absorb more cells that are smaller than you. There will be multiple enemies that are way bigger, you need to avoid these guys, or else you will get eaten. Just focus on eating more cells to build up your size until you are the mostly the biggest one in the arena, then you can come back to those tough enemies to take on them easily. In Popsplit io, your goal is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Let’s enjoy it now!

How to play

Use the mouse for moving the cell, press key W to throw out partial mass, spacebar or key 1 to split cell, key D or key 2 to split 2 times, key A or 3 to split three times, key Shift for a trick split, key Z for the line split, and the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in/out.

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