MonsterCrush is an Upgrades Monster game about eating, growing and destroying enemies. Will you be ready for all of those challenges in this exciting Agario Style IO game? You will have wonderful experiences brought to you by this game title. You are put in the shoes of a little monster armed with a fresh supply of tasty berries. You need to eat them carefully for the evolution into a deadly beast that is able to consume the whole arenas. It is unavoidable to come across the monsters when you roam through the map. They can totally eat you up anytime, so you must defend yourself and try to attack them first before they are able to kill you. The arena is full of edible objects, so you will never find it hard to find some! Just simply eat everything in sight and gradually change yourself into the most dangerous monster! Are you ready for this adventure? Give it a go!

How to play

Navigate through the play area using the mouse. Hover over objects you want to consume.
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