Containing both attack and defense elements, FOWz unblocked will be an amazing multiplayer battle game that is irresistible to play. In FOWz game, you will make your way through a big playing field for hunting multiple enemies to kill. You can destroy them by shooting various objects, and make sure that you shoot fast before they get away from your attacks. Be careful with them at the same time you deal damage to them because they can do exactly the same to you. To defend, you have to use a spin attack. By using it, all objects exploding around you will be repelled. You should use both attack and defense wisely to secure your safety. Never underestimate any enemies because you have no ideas whether they will sneak up on you or not. Getting attacked by surprise will be hard to survive, so don’t let it happen to you. Your health and stamina will be run out, they can be restored by using various items. Will you become the best survivor in Fowz arena? Have fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse button for spinning, and click the right mouse to throw.

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