Cellz.io is a classic multiplayer game that is like other Battle Royale games in terms of gameplay. A fan of this game genre should not miss out a chance to explore this one! You will compete against many online opponents and you can show off your excellent skills to them. When you spawn in the arena, you are just a small cell trying to consume a lot of other smaller cells that were already generated around the map. These cells will help you grow in size easily. Once you get bigger, you can easily take on tougher enemies, but make sure you still keep yourself away from the ones that are way larger than you, otherwise, you will get absorbed. You have an extra ability in Cellzio too, which is to divide your main cell into multiple smaller ones to cover most of the parts of the map. Your goal is to become the strongest and the biggest cell in the arena!

How to play

Use the spacebar to split your cell into smaller parts, press key F to feed it, use key Q for a double split, and use key T for a maximum split.

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