n00b.io is a fascinating first-person shooter/survival battle royale game taken in a world featuring Minecraft-style pixelated graphics. It promises to give you an unforgettable battle and will challenge your abilities a lot. Before you jump into the action, don’t forget to pick a class of fighter. Each fighter in the game is armed with special weapons and equipment that can be used to fight against the enemies. You must use your fighter’s items to deal damage to the rivals while keeping yourself alive during the course of the fight. Be careful with your ammo count, quickly reload the gun in time so you can continue shooting easily. You’d better play with excellent strategies if you want to conquer all the enemies and end up as the final victor. Get ready for the fight as well as show off your abilities right now! Hope you have a blast with it!

How to play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot with the left mouse, jump with the spacebar and sprint with key Shift.

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