Are you excited enough to join – another amazing Battle Royale 2D Shooter game? You should give it a go now as it is very exclusive and wonderful to play. Unlike other previous IO games, in this title, you will be able to ride on numerous dinosaurs from the prehistoric era. Imagine that you are riding one into the battle to slay all enemies, it will be so cool, right? You can easily ride a range of dinosaurs as well as collect numerous weapons then use them to go against your foes. Make sure you keep dealing as much damage as possible to other players, give them no chances to fight you back, and always keep yourself away from harm. Who knows that you can even find T-Rex – the toughest dinosaur in the game? Don’t even forget to break some objects for finding new loot and use them to your advantage. Think you can rule the arena of Jump into the action now!

How to play

Move your dinosaur using WASD, click the left mouse to fire, use key E to collect an item or interact with objects, key R to reload, the right mouse to drop an item, key Esc to open the menu, and key M to open the map.
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