KRUNT.IO is an awesome 2D Shooter game with Battle Royale concept. What can you expect from a new shooting game like this when you can play it online for free? has its own way to capture your heart, which is very much different from other Battle Royale games. Only when you join it, you will feel that difference. When you step into the arena, you have to go loot some items, collect resources, build a base and use your weapons to finish off all enemies. During the course of the fight, you have to not only be careful with the enemy shots but also the storm that gets closer to the playing area. You should overcome all of these challenges for a chance of reaching the Victory Royale. Make the most out of your tactics to outplay your enemies. Can you become the ultimate Krunt? Good luck to you!

How to play

Use key E to interact with items, shoot at enemies with the left mouse, use key Q to toggle the build mode, spacebar to jump, key Shift to sprint, key R to reload, key M to view the map, keys 1-6 or the mouse wheel scroll to change guns.

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