Humans & Robbers

Humans & Robbers lets you play s a gormless human who just simply enjoys his normal day. You are walking from this room to another room or just watching TV. Suddenly, the robbers come and threaten your life. They smash down the doors, break through the windows as well as do whatever it takes to slay you. If you want to survive the night, you must stand up to fend them off. Make your way through your house finding a lot of weapons, and use them to shoot enemies, stab then smash them right in their faces. Also, you need to develop your strategies so you can outplay the brutes easily. Just make sure you will not give them any chances to annihilate you, or else the game will be over. The main objective in this epic survival Humans & Robbers game is to stay alive until the very end of the fight. Are you up for these challenges? Let’s come to beat them all now!

How to play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to fire, use key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key B to purchase items and key N to level up.

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