Step into a hostile sea battle with your dreadnought ship in a 2D Shooter IO game called Drednot.io! In this awesome battleship style game, you will have to keep your ship advanced through over time, expand your crawl then sail the seas to battle against other opponents who are also trying to defeat you. But before you jump into action, feel free to select your favorite type of ship to create, try to build a small yet fast destroyer or even an aggressive giant warship armed with a variety of guns and armor. The choice is yours! Aside from building the ship, you should also craft new items as well as powerful weapons, then wield them carefully to dish out a huge amount of damage to your opponents. Can you climb the top rank on the leaderboard in Drednot.io? Let’s give it a go right now! Hope you enjoy it!

How to play

Move or climb a ladder using WASD, jump or leave it using spacebar. Click the left mouse to interact, the right mouse to use an item, key Q to drop an item, the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, key C for fast zoom, key Enter to chat, and key Tab to display the scoreboard.

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