In a world full of zombies and mutants brought to you by Disaster.io, you must do whatever it takes for your survival. Like other Zombies-themed IO game, in this title, you are also pitted against many opponents from across the world to see who will dominate the arena at the end of the match. When the game is kicked off, some of them begins as a mutant whose mission is to spread the radiation across the entire arena to kill all humans. If you take on the role of a survivor, you have to buy weapons then use them to defeat the mutants before you hit their radiation. Every single weapon featured in Disaster.io possesses a different range and damage. Make sure you employ those weapons smartly to wipe out the enemies as you attempt to protect yourself. The final objective in Disaster.io is to come out as the ultimate winner! This is the best chance for you to present your skills! So give it a shot now!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, use items by clicking the right mouse, drop items using key G, use key E to collect items, key O to open survivors shop and use the mouse cursor to spin.

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