is an awesome 2D shooter game with four exciting modes available for you to choose. Join the favorite challenge and fight against selected rivals. is inspired by Fortnite, a famous survival title based on the cool Battle Royale genre. Like the original, your mission in the nest adventure is to become the last standing man.

The match of the game will start on a distant island in which you can find tons of explosive barrels. Do not get close to any of them if you want to survive! Actually, your body will explode to pieces. Furthermore, somebody can shoot at those items when you are nearby to kill you. hides a lot of ammunition from the basic tools to modern weapons. You’d better collect good equipment before you rush into an encounter. Besides, you can mine trees, gather wood to build walls which will defend yourself. You are able to loot that resource from your opponents.

In the classic game, you will have the chance to obtain numerous achievements like a butcher, an executioner, an exterminator, etc. You can discover the map alone or cooperate with a friend or take part in a squad. Pick out the battle you love and show your abilities now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to shoot, RMB to build a wall, E to do an action, Shift to sprint, Enter to chat.
Hold Space to drop from a parachute.

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