BulletLeague.io proudly takes Battle Royale genre to the next level. For all the fans of this io game genre, you’d better check out BulletLeague.io free unblocked right now for a bunch of challenges and grab this chance to present your abilities. Bullet League io free game features physics-based gunplay, a wide range of weapons as well as an amazing building system. Once the match is kicked off, make your way through the huge map collecting some weapons for yourself, like a minigun, rocket launcher, etc., then use them to shoot down everything that lies in your path. You shouldn’t let any enemies get away from your attacks, just quickly finish them and knock them out of the map. In case you get stuck, use the building system to flee away from that sticky situation, also, this feature can even help you stop chasing enemies. You aim to become the top champion! Have fun!

How to play

Move around the map using keys ASD, press the spacebar for jumping.

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