Are you ready for another confrontation with zombies? Time to meet and fight against them in – the sequel to with better gameplay, nicer graphics and more challenges. At the starting of the game, some players become zombies while some are humans. There are two objectives here! If you play as a zombie, you must go catch as many humans as possible and try to eliminate all of them. But if you are on the side of humans, your objective is to find many objects, then use them to build safe shelters for yourself. You must stay in a safe zone so the zombies cannot approach you, or else you will get killed. Surely, the second chapter will be much better than the first one and you will have a chance to present your best skills! Let’s kick it off then jump into it now! Hope you have a nice gaming experience!

How to play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar to jump, use the left mouse to attack.

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